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  • 2017-2008

    • 41 patents for utility models / Madrid International Trademark Registration / Registrated CHANA in Spain, Britain and other 8 countries successfully
    • Production begin at the new factory located in Yanpan Industrial Zone - Latest company address
    • CHANA authorized as Wenzhou Famous Export Brand
    • Achieved Yueqing mayor's Quality Award
    • Evolution Of Products: High Breaking Capacity Circuit breakers, New Type Contactors, Electrical Device for Smart grid etc...

  • 2008-2005

    • Changan signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang University
    • Science and technology innovation association was formally established
    • Evolution Of Products: HV&LV Power Distribution Cabinet, Switchboard, Intelligent Instrument,Stabilized Power Supply, types of Electrical Protective Device and Starter

  • 2005-2000

    • Independent Export Right
    • Production begin at Changan Qiligang Industrial Zone - Previous company address
    • Set up over 500 sales agents
    • Institute of Private enterprise to help the poor was established and donated 3 million RMB
    • Changan Investment Co.,Ltd was established
    • Changan signed a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang University
    • Evolution Of Products: MCCB, ACB

  • 2000-1996

    • Independent Export Right
    • Changan Group Co.,Ltd was established
    • Evolution Of Products: MCB,RCCB,RCBO,Isolation Switch

  • 1996-1987

    • Changan Electric company was founded with national industrial products production license
    • ISO9001 Quality System
    • Evolution Of Products: AC Contactor


EKM1-125 MCB
EKM1-OF/EKM1-FB Auxiliary Contact for EKM1,EKL3
EKM1-MX/EKM1-MN+MV Shunt Release Over/Under-voltage Trippe
EKL1-63 Electromagnetic Type RCCB
EKL2-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL3-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL4-40 Electronic Type RCBO
EKL5-63 Electronic Type RCBO
RCCB & RCBO Circuit Diagram
RCCB & RCBO Characteristics
Isolation Switch
EKD1-125 Isolation Switch
CAH2-125 Economic Isolation Switch
CAU4-40 Surge Protective Device
CAU4-40Z SPD DC Type for Solar System
Other Electric for Din Rails
EKMF Modular Contactor
EKBT Bell Transformer
EKSL Modular Signal Lamp /EKPB Modular Pushbutton Switch
EKEB Electric Bell
EKHL300 Changeover Switch
EKP20/EKP7 Modular Socket
EKLT001 Latching Relays
SUL181H 24hours Timer Relay/SUL181A 24hours Timer Relay/CAE8 Timer/CAHC15A Weekly Programmable Timer
Industrial Breakers
CAM1 Series MCCB
CAW1 Series ACB
CS2 Series MPCB
CC1-09-95A AC Contactor
CC1-115-800A AC Contactor
CJ19 Capacitor-Switching Contactor
CC1-N Reversing/Change-over type Contactor
CC1-09-12 Mini Contactor
Accessories for Contactor
Thermal Overload Relay
CR2-03-63 Thermal Overload Relay
DOL Electromagnetic Starter
CQ1-09-95 Electromagnetic Starter
CQ2-09-95 Electromagnetic Starter
Distribution Box
HAG IP30 Plastic DB Box
TXM IP40 Plastic DB Box
TXM IP40 Plastic DB Box
HT IP65 Plastic DB Box
HA IP65 Plastic DB Box
CA-T Water-proof Junction Box
CA-B Water-proof Junction Box
1CAB Steel DB Box
Control Switch & Indicator
Mini Digital Display Meter
AD22 LED Indicator
CB2 Pushbutton Switch
CAL Control Box
LW26 Rotary Switch
LW30 Isolation Switch
More Product
Voltage Stabilizer
SCTK Series Current Transformer
CA Series Relay

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